Launching ProAgile Clinic!

ProAgile’s passion and dedication to spread sustainable agility to our clients, grows to global proportions! We truly believe that agility creates better products, services, workplaces and business ecosystems. The businesses of today are not zero-sum games anymore. Collaboration is both sensible and necessary in today’s complex world.  In our pursuit to increase the agility in the world, we have discovered an increasing curiosity and sometimes confusion about what agile is, frameworks (Scrum, SAFe etc), practices, tools and everything related. We believe in sharing our long and extensive knowledge and invite therefore you to ask us! Perhaps you’re stuck in your agile journey or is confronted by a tricky situation? Let us know! We will answer in a Q&A blog post (or even a video clip?), sometimes even offer several perspectives from more than one ProAgilist. Send us your biggest challenges already today to!


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november 12, 2018

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