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Value First Workshop

Value First is a two day workshop that will allow You to:

  • measure (quantify) all forms of value – even the tricky, soft ones
  • apply effective tools in measuring actual value delivered – instead of percentage of backlog completed
  • focus on impact and value – instead of backlog items
  • use advanced techniques when collaborating with teams and stakeholders

Who is this course for?

This course will bring great value to 

  • Product Owners, Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Requirements Authors and their managers
  • Architects
  • People in charge of purchasing large systems

Meet your instructor – Kai Gilb explains some basic takeways from the workshop

What you will learn

If you have attended some basic Agile Product Owner training you will know already that focusing on ”value” is the key to finishing complex development initiatives in time, on budget and with happy stakeholders.

With Agile things have actually improved quite a bit, but development initiatives are still failing at unacceptable rates. More than 80% of complex initiatives still fail with an agile approach according to Standish Institute. The most common reason for failure is a lack of understanding of the impact the solution actually needs to deliver! I.e. Lack of understanding the true definition of success! As you know, it is not about delivering what the customers say they want. User stories and agile does not solve this problem.

In this workshop you will learn advanced techniques for working with teams and stakeholders, focusing on impact and value.

You will learn how to quantify any type of value that your development initiative are aiming to deliver to your stakeholders.

This will not only increase your internal focus and create shared understanding. It will also much simplify following up/measuring actual delivered value during development! And it will allow you to guide your development initiative to true success!


Workshop Results

Leading companies all over the world report achieving great results from these techniques. Companies like Boeing, TomTom, BOSCH, Credit Suisse, Philips, Qualcomm, Schlumberger, Nokia, Citigroup, HP and many more. Over 20,000 engineers at Intel have been voluntarily trained in Value First methods. Smaller firms, like Confirmit, report fantastic numeric results, year after year. All driven by value focused techniques from this workshop.

History and influence of value first thinking

Tom and Kai Gilb have been at the forefront of modern development techniques since the 70’s, although back in those days what Tom proposed was not yet called ”Agile”. They have both heavily influenced how we do effective development of complex systems ever since.

The Evo method developed by Tom Gilb is probably the very first Agile product development method. Actually, whatever coool new idea you may come across, if you head over to the Gilb website there is probably already an article from the 70’s describing it!

E.g. you may have come across the Impact Mapping technique invented by InUse and made popular by Gojko Adzic. The first step in the Impact Mapping method is to quantify the impact you want to achieve. This part of impact mapping is credited by Gojko as directly taken from the Value First approach by the Gilb’s. So, by attending this workshop you will learn how to get the full potential from impact mapping.


Testimonials from previous attendees

Kommande tillfällen

Datum Kurs Plats Instruktör
Value First Workshop Startgaranti Nyhet! Göteborg Kai Gilb Boka plats

Omfattning: 2 dagar

Nyhet! Ny kurs

Pris: 22 350 kr exkl. moms

Course includes breakfast, lunch, fika and Value First Certification